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Keys to Infinity Sirius Radiance
Sirius Radiance
Keys to Infinity
Space, Dark Ambient
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It all started with the cold light of stars. They glanced into illuminators, creating reflections on the control panel, running reflections inside the floating motionless in the silence ship. Surrounded by alien luminaries for a billion parsecs from home, you dwell in the intergalactic quietness and charm of spread before the consciousness abyss. How could the Universe sound? How to hear it? Exemption from impenetrable protective shell and a spacewalk should bring to the knowledge of pure creation, removing all technological barriers. Along with timeless knowledge wash over memories of childhood, when the rings of Saturn illuminated tiny cradle, lulling muted glow and a leisurely rotation. Reminiscences the long deserted old research station, where experience has been acquired, where lingering journey to unknown has begun: path through time and space, pursuit of elusive answers to ageless questions - the keys to infinity.

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Posted by USC on 25 August 2013
Tags: interstellar, sirius radiance, soundscapes, space, spherical, industrial, futuristic, dark ambient, cinematic, atmospheric, ambient